Sunset Point

Driving into Amboli, try and plan your arrival for the dramatic colours and clouds at the evening hour at Sunset Point. At 690 m ASL, this is a lovely ghat to wind around, on your way to Goa or to Mumbai. 0.5 kms away from Amboli Bazzar.


Hiranyakeshi. Rapunzel? With hair of spun gold… Art deco temple , irreligiously tawdry, with manmade stream fed out of manmade pond routed thro art deco cow’s open mouth. The rivulet flows from beneath a huge boulder sitting in the mountainside. Temple with strategically placed deities are palced right next to the stream outlet. Deep inside another boulder,a dark cave that one can one enter crouching, rumored to be 70 feet deep.

Mahadevgad Point

Mahadevgad point, 2.5 km each way, mostly uphill, though varying degrees of vegetation, from lush, to deforested. Been there thrice and had we stayed an extra day, we’d go there again. it was the old allure of “lets see where his trail leads” that took us there, first trudging step after step on an eccentric well used trail, and then onwards, on to its connection with a tar road.

  Image courtesy by Hemant Ogale

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