Kavleshet - Eco Valley

This at over 10 km, is the furthermost of all our trips so far. Just off the highway and the rd is transformed into a red rough track, there are unseasonal clouds and faraway thunder, it may just rain.The track is a kaccha rasta, twists, turns and goes every which way, goes up slopes and down, twice we had to wait for sugarcane and paddy laden trucks to pass. By the side of the road, green fields, lush with paddy, sugarcane and nachnee, on the other side black completely burnt out fields, an exercise in contrasts, desolate black and abundant fresh greens.

Shirgaonkar Point

Welcomed us strangers on the mostly upward trail to shirgaonkar point.after truding 3 km , all one sees is a milestone proclaiming shirgaonkar point zero- but no benches, no steps to anywhere, no railing -just a yellow grass, boulder strewn incline on one side, a sheer stone wall on the other.

Amboli Ghat

One of the best ghats of the Sahyadris there are also plenty of treks and walks that take you into the forests where you can sight bison, panther and the occasional stripes of a tiger. Reinvigorating your system with pure mountain air and soaking in the deep relaxing silences of the jungles, Amboli is recommended for the best natural vacation in the Western Ghats.

  Image courtesy by Hemant Ogale

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